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Message from Mrs. Vivian:

"I want to pass on my Nail Wisdom developed through decades of dedication in the nail industry to give you more Info. I am an expert with almost 30 years of experience providing all types of nail services with multiple nail business and career endeavors to give answers to your questions with rare wise advice. I have helped hundreds of Nail Techs get their license and find their path. I can answer all your nail tech questions!"

Let me help you in a way that only a Wise State licensed Nail Technician Instructor can! BOOK A SESSION!

  • Workshops in Central VA (licensed only)

  • Phone Call (unlicensed/licensed)


Book a workshop class at a State Licensed School with a State Licensed Instructor in Central Virginia. Each workshop earns a Certification of 3 Virginia state credits. 

Cost of $200-300 each 

  • Basic Manicures $250

  • Basic Pedicures $250

  • Intro to Gel Polish $300

  • Beginner Acrylics $300

  • Advance Acrylics $300

  • Intro to Hard Gels $300

  • Intro to Dipping $300

  • Intro to Electric Filing $250

  • Nail Salon Business $250

  • Practical Exam Prep $300

  • Nail Art (coming soon)

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Book a call to ask questions by phone. Each questions can be answered in about 2-5 minutes. This phone session is with Mrs. Vivian, a State Licensed Instructor in Virginia.

25 min by Phone Session $50

45 min by Phone Session $90

Sessions are available on most Mon-Sun between 10am-9pm by appointment. This location is a State Licensed Nail School so workshops are booked between current classes.
CONTACT ME to request specific dates or times. If you need a very specific time/date contact me BEFORE paying. 

"...was so frustrated at my current nail salon job and she guided me towards a better plan..."

"....helped with my timing speed to increase my services per day!"

"I'm so thankful to find someone that could answer all my questions. I couldn't find this kind of help anywhere else...."

"...really knows her stuff. I didn't even tell the other Techs at the shop so I could be better than them."

"I am now a licensed nail technician & instructor because of her. She also helped me register for my esthetician state-board when my school was no help."



Mrs. Vivian is a successful State License Nail Instructor. She has been performing nail services for almost 30 years in varied settings from low end discount salons to five star resort's Spas. She is currently a State Licensed instructor that has led hundreds of Nail Technicians in her state to licensure. She has a rare diverse long term nail career experience in this industry to answer ALL your nail industry service, regulation, product and career questions. 

  • still provides nail services to only regular clients (most with NDAs)

  • investigation assistance to help lawyers with nail lawsuits against salons and nail techs

  • worldwide competition judging for nail events

  • continued support to nail product manufacturers R&D Departments

  • nail curriculum team development for licensed nail schools all over the world

  • experience with owning Salons and a professional high end Day Spa

  • consultant for new Spas or Salons (including those wanting improvements) with profitable nail floor layouts, organized menu pricing, regulation compliance, profitable layouts, staff/payroll and equipment/product options

  • she has a chemistry college education and spent 3 years creating a acrylic formula that was to be released in 2022.  A private label purchased her unique acrylic formula in the Spring of 2022.  

  • finishing her Nail book to be published with problem solving training from her experience in providing over 100,000 nail services in her nail career

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